Android KitKat 4.4.2 rolls out to US Cellular’s Galaxy SIII and Sprint’s Galaxy Note II


One of the main disadvantages of having an older device is being left out of the loop when it comes to software updates. Google can push them out, manufacturers can roll them out, but most of the time it’s left to the carrier to send them to your device. Lots of Samsung devices have been waiting to get some KitKat action, and today Sprint and US Cellular send out some Android 4.4 love to a few devices.

First up is Sprint. The Galaxy Note II began getting KitKat today in the US, and Sprint is the first carrier to start sending it out to the phablet. The update will liven things up a bit and add things like full-screen album art on the lockscreen, Knox 2.0, and wireless printer support.

Next up is the Galaxy S III, one of the most popular Galaxy S devices that Samsung has churned out to date. People have been itching to get their hands on this one, and 4.4.2 started showing up on last night on devices in the US. The updates include all those things we mentioned before along with general performance improvements.

It’s great to see Android 4.4 coming to some older devices, even if it is right when a lot of folks that own said devices are getting ready for their 2 year upgrade. Better late than never as they say. If you have either of those devices you can go to your Settings – General – About Phone – to see if you’ve got an update waiting for you.

Via – Sprint, Android Central

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