Bulbing – The Optical Illusion Lamp


Lamps come in many shapes and sizes, but we’re guessing you haven’t seen a lamp that’s totally flat – and doesn’t have a bulb. Studio Cheha has designed a new style of lamp with both those qualities, and it goes by the name of Bulbing.

The Bulbing lamp is the trippiest lamp you’ll ever see, and it’s one of those things that will impress and amaze almost anyone that lays eyes upon it. The designers have combined 3D wire-frame images with 2D materials to create optical illusions that trick the eyes.bulbing

The flat design of the Bulbing lamp helps to save space and it uses LED light, so it’s energy efficient to boot. The actual designs are made from an acrylic glass sheet while the base is constructed from plywood birch. Did we mention the designs are interchangeable? They are, so if you get tired of an oversized 3D bulb you can switch it out for a skull, balloons or one of six other designs.bulbing2

Like a lot of cool things, the Bulbing lamp is on Kickstarter, but you won’t have to worry about this one getting funded as they’ve already blown past their goal. You may have to worry about availability though as a lot of the backing tiers are already sold out.

If you want to pick up a Bulbing Lamp, you’ve still got 11 days to snag one through their Kickstarter campaign at the link below.

Bulbing on Kickstarter


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