Deal Alert: Various sim only deals from 02, Tmobile & Vodafone, inclusive of 4G on some.

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Deal alert from Carphone Warehouse.

Found by lucyberridge

Hope this helps someone been looking for a cheap Sim only contract since the loss of ovivo.
I'm not a talk talk customer or would have hopped on their plan!

All the below contracts are on a 12 month contract with carphone warehouse.

Quidco is offering raised cash back for 3 days on these sim only contracts.
Top deals – £60
Hottest offers -£40

Cash back plan.
All the sim deals are for 6 months half price line rental and price shown is per month after cash back.
So if you can put a couple of dates on a planner or calendar and have the ability to print your bill and post it or email it then cash back plans can be rewarding.
I was torn between 3 of these offers but went for the T-mobile one only to find the cash back is automatic and I don't have to do anything :D Happy days :D

Hottest offers- (£40 quidco)

Vodafone £8 per month
1200 mins
Unlimited txt
750 mb data (Non 4G)

Vodafone £10.50 per month
Unlimited mins
Unlimited txts
1GB data includes 4G

T-mobile £11.49 per month
2000 mins
Unlimited txts
Unlimited data. For all you data whores. (although not 4G)

o2 – £7 per month
500 mins
Unlimited txts
500mb data 4G

Top deals (£60 quidco)

02- £12.50 per month.
unlimited txt
Unlimited minutes
5GB data

02 -£15 per month,
Unlimited mins
Unlimited txts
8GB data

£15.50 per month,
unlimited mins
Unlimited txts
5GB data.

Vodafone £20.50 per month
Unlimited mins
Unlimited txt
9GB data

Not forgetting with o2 there will be priority moments too :D xxx

EDIT- after going to order I have realized a huge mistake on carphone warehouse website all above prices are quoted as *effective monthly cost. But in natural fact this is a lie because the cost is for the half price months and has not been added to find the median. Anyone know if we could get them to honour the advertised price taken plenty of screen shots?

Source: HotUKDeals

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