EE Announces EE Eagle Tablet for £199

EA Eagle

As a UK based telecommunication network, EE’s USP (unique selling point) is that it can deliver data to your mobile devices so fast that you’d think that Flash himself had started his own phone carrier. The problem is, that’s not something that everyone can afford. Not because of tariffs (although they do factor into it somewhat) but because of the handsets themselves. If you have no way of accessing the whizzbang, blink and you’ll miss the download progress bar level speeds of 4G then how will you reap the benefits? That’s a tricky one but EE seems to think that they have the solution by releasing the EE Eagle tablet.

Set to launch soon, the EE Eagle is being released in the same vein as the EE Kestrel, the Huawei made but EE branded budget smartphone that was released earlier this year. Similar to the Kestrel, the Eagle will be made by Huawei with the first tablet out of the partnership set to run on the Android operating system with 1GB of RAM and a 1.6Ghz quad-core processor keeping things speedy enough for minor level gaming and however much work as you like and little else. Given that it also has 16GB of internal storage and a 5 megapixel camera, everything seems to be in line with this being a higher level budget affair, so it packs enough of a punch given the price band.

What the EE Eagle is also all about, EE explains is 4G connectivity. In an official press release discussing the device, the telecomms network explains that the Eagle is part of “the next phase of its world class 4G service” that includes “rapid network expansion and the launch of new 4G plans and devices”. What you’ll have to pay for the 8 inch tablet that’s being enlisted to spread the word about EE’s 4G service is £199 for the pay as your go tariff or £49.99 and £15 a month for their on contract plan.

Via engadget.

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