Foursquare plans to split functionality between two apps


Foursquare has had a bumpy few years, from the prominent location sharing application, it has become a burden on the company to be known as the best place for checking in at certain locations.

This is especially true when Foursquare has changed so much since its inception and added so many new features for users, features that don’t even rely on the user checking in to a location.

In order to split the check in side from the new Foursquare side, the team has made a second application, called Swarm. Swarm will essentially take all of the check-in side functionality from Foursquare and allow people who enjoy checking in to locations to use that app, while Foursquare becomes a true Yelp competitor.

The new Foursquare app will be announced sometime in the next few months, with a revamped UI fully focused on finding the best places in an area and showing off cities for people visiting, without the social aspect of checking in.

This is an odd place for Foursquare to be and it shows the decline in location based services over the past few years, as applications like Snapchat, Yik Yak, Secret and other anonymous services grow in users. The Internet appears to be backing off from revealing anything, instead wanting to keep everything private and still be social.

We doubt the Foursquare team will be making any other applications apart from their two location services, nowadays startups like to consolidate every feature into one app and make it almost an ecosystem of features in one app, instead of one feature for every application.

Foursquare are the kings when it comes to location on mobile and really want to sink into Yelp’s market share. They still have millions of users, we are not sure how many were active this month, but releasing two applications may make it easier to find what features users really enjoy on Foursquare.

Source: Foursquare

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