New Apple Camera Patent Suggests iPhone 6 With Incredible Power

iPhone 5S

As one of the most highly boasted about specs whenever a phone gets announced, it’s no wonder that the quality of a phone’s camera is often a big and important factor when new consumers consider which handset to buy. In fact, thanks to a seemingly selfie obsessed group of smartphone buyers, most of the advertisements that we see for phones do focus on how well they can snap photos, with both Apple and Samsung previously launching ad campaigns for their flagship phones focusing on both selfies and the professional uses that their handsets can have. A decent camera in a smartphone is going to take some investment then, which is likely why Apple have recently just snapped up a new patent suggesting that the iPhone 6 could launch with an incredibly powerful camera on board.

According to the patent filing, Apple’s new camera tech will be capable of something called “super-resolution based on optical image stabilization”, which, minus the technical jargon, means that it will be used to take several different photos at different angles on the fly, before stitching them back together to make a “super resolution” that looks so good that your eyes will only just be able to process it. What’s also key is that this fancy imaging engine means that Apple won’t necessarily have to keep upping the megapixels on each of their phones, be it the iPhone 6 or the iPhone 60 (if the tech lasts that long without an upgrade) and in theory, it could bring the costs down if Apple don’t constantly have to keep improving the iPhone’s cameras themselves with each new handset.

Furthermore, suggestions that the iPhone 6’s photos will look better than those of any iPhone before it are lent even more credence with the announcement today that Ari Partinen, a key developer for Nokia’s ‘PureView’ camera system, has been hired by Apple. This is likely because the recent purchase of Nokia’s mobile device wing by Microsoft means that there’s not much room for Ari at the Finnish company so Nokia’s loss is Apple’s gain as working with the new patent he could certainly make the next range of iPhones a formidable, photo-snapping force to be reckoned with.

We’ll keep you posted once we know more.

Via AppleInsider.

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