Pulse by Sengled Review

pulse by sengled

Last month we told you about a new LED lighting product called Pulse by Sengled. Over the past few weeks we were able to spend some time with Pulse, and now we’re back to give you the lowdown on the Bluetooth bulbs.

Bluetooth light bulbs with embedded speakers may sound complicated, but setting up Pulse is simpler than you’d think. To get the music going you’ll just need to turn on the Bluetooth on your smartphone, install the bulbs in an E26 socket (standard), sync it up and then figure out what you want to listen to first. You get an audible beep through the master speaker if you’re hooked up correctly, and from there you’re good to go.pulse.led app

Once you set everything up, there’s an official Pulse app you can download which lets you control the lights, volume, or tweak the sound a bit with a built-in EQ. There are dials on the Lights and Sounds section of the app that let you control the volume or dim the lights. There are some other options as well like the ability to dim or bright the bulbs individually.

The sounds tab allows you to adjust the volume or set the sound channel for each bulb (L+R) and gives you 6 different presets for your tunes with Pop, Jazz, Classic, Rock, Movie and Normal. There’s not a huge difference between some of the modes, but it’s certainly noticeable and makes a difference depending on what you’re listening to. The only feature I wish the app had is a mic/PA system where you could speak through the bulbs (how cool would that be?), but that’s something that could always be implemented down the line.

As for the speakers, they sound surprisingly good. You never know what to expect with a product like this, and I was definitely impressed with the sounds the JBL’s put out. I threw a lot of music at Sengled’s Pulse bulbs and they handled everything from Bob Marley to Hendrix and even a little old school N.W.A. and Garth Brooks. The Pulse bulbs aren’t going to shake the room, but they are loud at high volumes and surprisingly clear. Needless to say, the speakers are definitely impressive and not at all what I expected.


The Pulse bulbs are bigger than your standard light bulb, but not that much larger than an LED bulb and each set comes with a Master and Slave bulb. I tested the bulbs out in several different locations and fixtures and the only setup they wouldn’t work with was a slim ‘flush mounted’ overhead fixture with a horizontal socket. Not a deal breaker by any means, but you may want to think about your socket/dome placement if they are going in globed fixtures. Now for some specs…

Per Bulb

  • Power Supply: 120V ac, 60Hz, 0.17A (Typ.)
  • Lamp Socket: E26 (US Version)
  • Power Consumption: 15W (Light and Audio) Peak 30W
  • Operating Temperature: 0 ~ +35° C
  • Dimensions: 5.46″ (H) x 3.86″ (Dia.)
  • Weight: 15.87oz (approx.)
  • Life expectancy of around 25,000 hours


  • Power: 13 Watts @ 8ohm
  • 1.75’’ Full Range High Fidelity Loudspeaker
  • Frequency Response: 100 Hz – 20 kHz
  • System Wireless Point-to-Point Latency < 20ms
  • Bluetooth Standard: v2.1 + EDR (Class 2)
  • Bluetooth Transmitter power: 4dBm, 30 feet
  • Point (Master) to Multi-point (Satellite) Audio:5GHz wireless technology
  • Distance Range between/among Master and Satellite Bulbs: 100 feet (near line of sight)


Left to Right: 15w Pulse, 9w LED, 60w standard

Left to Right: 15w Pulse, 9w LED, 60w standard


I’ll admit, I was skeptical at first about Sengled’s Pulse bulbs, but that quickly changed when I kicked the JBL’s volume to the max. They sound great, and while I tested them indoors and outdoors, they were absolutely perfect for the back patio and kitchen – two places that dimmable lights and music are made for. Pulse also works with several of the top media players including Pandora, Spotify and Slacker.

You don’t need the app to use the bulbs, but it’s handy and simple to use which is definitely a plus. It’s also worth nothing that an incoming software update will allow you to connect one Master bulb to 7 slave bulbs so you’ll soon be able to distribute the bulbs around your house or property and control them all with your handset.

A pair of Pulse bulbs will set you back $169 and you can get them in Candy Apple or Pewter. The price tag may throw you off a bit at first, but if you listen to a lot of music or even sports radio (that was a huge plus) it’s well worth it. You can pick up a set of Pulse bulbs or find out more about Pulse by Sengled over at the official site in the US, and they have confirmed Pulse will be available in the UK this June.

Pulse by Sengled

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