Samsung Galaxy S5 Active Now Officially On Sale

Samsung Galaxy S5 Active

If it ain’t broke don’t fix it and if it ain’t losing you money, do more of it. If only that mantra was much easier for us consumers to follow rather than just the big phone manufacturers, namely Samsung, who are set to be continuing their now quite far travelled path of releasing multiple flavours of their flagship phones with the Samsung Galaxy S5 Active; the phone that everybody expected but that the South Korean electronics maker had yet to announce. Well, they’ve announced it now and put it right on sale to boot, so you can find out what ‘Active’ benefits the phone brings you below.

The headline feature is that it loses none of the headline features that the Samsung Galaxy S5 launched with. That’s the typical move for spin-off handsets like this but the Samsung Galaxy S5 Active packs the 16 megapixel camera, the full HD 5.1 inch touchscreen and the fingerprint sensor plus the waterproof resistance that the original S5 also included. It’s unclear as to whether or not that water resistance raying has officially been boosted in terms of measurable specs but the phone’s new metallic details and finish (over the original S5’s primarily plastic ones) will surely do something to keep the grime of muddy puddles off. That water resistance is also matched with a shock resistant and dustproof shell that looks altogether more hardwearing too, just to show that the Samsung Galaxy S5 Active means business.

If you’re good with your phone, you might not new the S5 Active in the first place and some of these specs might seem very arbitrary if you’re not the key demographic, i.e the runners, joggers and outdoorsy folk that these sorts of phones are usually marketed too. Samsung are gearing the phone to the outdoors oriented target market as much as possible with a ‘convenience key’ however, as a quick tap of it opens up your ‘outdoor apps’ which are thought to be maps, fitness trackers and the like. Though, if that doesn’t entice you into getting the phone, Samsung are also throwing in a $50 discount of their Gear Fit gadget if you buy the Samsung Galaxy S5 from AT&T.

Via AT&T.

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