Sony MDR-EX510LP Stereo Headphones Review




Yesterday, I got the chance to take a look at one of Sony’s latest additions to their earphone line, the MDR-EX510LP.

Aside from looking the business, they also manage to offer a staggering level of sound quality; which seems to have been effortlessly compressed into a neat, portable, prestigious package that handles almost any application to a highly satisfactory standard.

As an added bonus, Sony have recently knocked the price down from a stinging £79.99 to a much more reasonable £39.99 – yet another reason to give these particular earphones another look if you’re in the market for high quality audio in a small package.


Apperance and Ergonomics:

Featuring a slick, metal plated construction, the design immediately alerts you to what is frankly a supreme level of build quality. Every fitting is solid, nothing wiggles precariously and if you’re anything like me, you’ll want to treat them as if they’re fragile as breath as you pry them with glee from their abundant packaging.

Once they’re in their slick, solid leather presentation box, it’s hard not to marvel at the level of care and detail that has gone into every aspect of the design. On a visuals/design level, these get a firm 10/10.

Audio Quality:

Now this is where these earphones earn their highest marks. Whether you’re using them for gaming, (recommended) as a phone accessory, or as part of your ‘on the go’ MP3 set up, you’ll quickly notice some sharp, nuanced sounds that add an entirely new dimension to whatever audio experience you’ve opted to use them for. The depth and clarity is stunning, and the bass packs a punch that gives even my unweildy Sennheiser’s a run for their money. There’s no distant, muffled crackling, no fuzz or distortion, in one (compound) word, the audio is nothing short of ‘squeaky-clean’, minus any squeaking. Another solid 10/10.


Several features and extras secure these earphones as an overall winner for portability, value for money and longevity. Boasting patented tech-flourishes such as a ‘multiple layer diaphragm’ which ‘prevents resonance for high-resolution sound’ as well as the inclusion of multiple replacement earpieces of varying colour and size, and the clever, slick and stylish nifty storage case with its custom mould – which offers quick and easy storage with a clever built-in cable management system – you’ll surely be hard pressed to find earphones of such quality, for such a decent price, anywhere else anytime soon. In terms of performance, looks, extras and goodies, this product has to get another 10/10.


RRP: £79.99 (Currently £39.99)

Given the latest 50% price reduction, it’s hard not to give this product a 10/10 for value. At the original £79.99, which is a steep investment, it’s still worth the price in my opinion. But factor in the current price and it becomes an overall 10/10 in all respects. If you’re shopping for a quality, portable sound solution that doesn’t compromise on build or sound quality, look no further than the MDR-EX510LP.

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