Tech Gadget – Battery Razer Charged Via USB

irazer usb powered portable razer

We just got wind of a neat little tech gadget that might be a great gift if you’re stuck for a fathers day present.

Meet the iShaver, a battery powered portable razer, that charges via a USB port!

Taking its style cues from the iPhone, the iRazer is “compact and casual” and measuring just 10 x 5 x 1.5cm its small enough to slip into a washbag or case and is perfect for a quick trim to tidy up that beard or sideburns.

It features an ultra-thin net foil with floating blades, includes its own cleaning brush and a simple on/off switch located on side.

irazer usb powered portable razer - with usb port

>> The iRazer is available from Prezzybox and costs just £14.95 froom now until the end of May, after which its £19.99.

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