The Orée Pebble 2 makes Wireless Charging Stylish


Smartphone chargers aren’t necessarily meant to be stylish, and it’s safe to say nobody wants black and white charging cables dangling about. A new Kickstarter project has come up with a way to solve both those issues and it’s called the Orée Pebble 2. It’s stylish, and it can wirelessly charge your handset to boot…

The Orée Pebble 2 makes use of the Qi wireless charging standard to turn a normal slab of wood or marble into something unique. How unique depends on you, as you can choose from French Walnut, Tilia or Carrare white marble. If you’re device is Qi-compatible, you simply need to set it on the Pebble to let it charge. The Orée Pebble 2 will charge your device sans wires, and it even has an integrated 5w speaker and microphone so you can take calls or listen to tunes.oree.pebble2

As you’d expect, not all smartphone will work with the Qi setup. Luckily Orée has sleeves for the iPhone 5’s and charging receivers for several Android models including the Nexus and Samsung Galaxy/Note ranges. Several Lumia devices from Nokia are listed as well, so a wide range of current devices will work with the Orée Pebble 2.

If you’re interested in an Orée Pebble 2, prices start at $250 for Kickstarter, Natural, and Samsung editions and go up from there depending on the options you choose. At the time of this writing, there are 22 days left to go in the campaign and Orée has raised around $14,000, about half of their planned $30,000 goal.pebble2

It’s the team’s first Kickstarter project, but it’s not their first product to hit the market as Orée has already produced several designer products like the Orée Touch Slab and Orée Board 2 — both well worth a look on the companies official site. Needless to say, you shouldn’t have to worry about this one when production time comes around as Orée has been there before. If you want learn more about the Orée Pebble 2 or pledge your support, just hit the link below.

Orée Pebble 2

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