The PERES smells food and tells you what’s expired


If you’ve ever had food poising, you know it’s not a lot of fun and power outages can send homeowners into a tizzy trying to figure out what foods are safe to keep. The PERES is a new gadget that can take the guesswork out of things as its “smells” your food and tells you what’s safe.PERES

Before you get too excited, the PERES can’t test week old Pizza or Beer to see if its turned green. It can however test Pork, Chicken, Beef and Fish and let you know if a product is fresh or not so much. This can take the guesswork out of things when it comes to expired products and it lets you put those expiration dates stamped onto meat at the market to the test.

The PERES uses a little technological trickery in the form of sensors to work its magic, and it has four of them on the device that will test for humidity, temperature, ammonia and volatile organic compounds. You simply need to sync the PERES to the official app, point it at the food in question, and let the sensors take care of the rest.


PERES is currently in the funding stages on Indiegogo, and they’ve raised $32,052 of their planned $50,000 goal (flexible funding) at the time of this writing with 20 days left in the campaign. Beta backers will be able to snag a PERES before July for only $89 which is well below the expected retail price of $150. The fancy food smeller will be compatible with iOS and Android device, and will start mass production in October if successfully funded.


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