The Trinity portable wind turbine charges your smartphone with the Wind

trinity portable wind turbine

As technology has become smaller and more portable, it’s allowed us to take our favorite gadgets with on the road. If your battery runs low, you can always plug in a car charger, but what about those times when you’re without a car or an electrical outlet? There’s a new Kickstarter project called the Trinity portable wind turbine that can answer that question by providing you with juice as long as there’s a little wind.

Trinity is one of the simpler concepts and when it’s not in use it looks like a 12-inch cylinder. That quickly changes when you pop out the legs and the blades appear to catch some wind. Those blades provide power to an internal 15-watt generator which throws the juice to a 15,000mAh battery. If you want to charge a smartphone or tablet, you simply need to plug into a USB port on the bottom – Trinity takes care of the rest.trinity.charger

At this time, the Trinity portable wind turbine is only setup to work with smartphones and tablets, but will provide between 4-6 chargers from the 15,000mAh battery before said battery needs recharging. We couldn’t find any info on how long Trinity takes to charge up using wind power, but you can charge it through a wall socket before you head out or with the wind when you’re sans power. It weighs 4 lbs., measures 12” closed and has a waterproof rating of IPX6 to boot.

The Trinity portable wind turbine Kickstarter comes from the minds of the folks at Skajaquoda, and they’ve managed to raise $46,477 of their planned $50,000 goal thus far. They’re close to getting the Trinity funded and there are some cool stretch goals to shoot for including a phone pouch, mobile app and multi-voltage DC output which would allow charging of laptops and other gadgets.charger

Trinity is expected to retail for $399, but you can snag one through their Kickstarter campaign for $279 while the spots last. If you want to pledge the full price of $399 you can get one in Black, Red, Green, Blue or Yellow. If you’re interested in backing the Trinity portable wind turbine or want to learn more about the project, just hit up the link below.

Trinity on Kickstarter

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