YouTube to acquire Twitch.TV for $1 billion


YouTube is reportedly looking to acquire Twitch.TV for $1 billion. The deal will be an all-cash offer and YouTube’s biggest acquisition since it’s own acquisition from Google in 2006, for $1.65 billion.

In the past year, Google has been working on making YouTube a more independent service from its own and will continue to do this, considering Google+ is now getting dropped from Google’s major product line.

YouTube is still number one when it comes to video content on the Web and is winning by a mile, outpacing even the Chinese companies. Acquiring Twitch.TV would give them an upper hand in the streaming area too.

Twitch.TV is the biggest streaming service for video games, but unlike Justin.TV, its sister-service, it only allows video games. Any other streaming is non-existent on the platform and content like League of Legends and DoTA is most popular.

That being said, the main YouTubers are in video games too and it appears that online content is all based around watching other play video games and create new stories and worlds within these video games for audiences.

YouTube is apparently already preparing for the Justice Department to step in on this deal, as it stops anticompetitive issues in regards to video streaming, since YouTube is the dominant brand already.

Twitch.TV has over 45 million active users monthly, nothing crippling to YouTube but enough to get them interested. Riot Games is the most popular channel on Twitch, followed by a host of League of Legends steamers.

One of the biggest statistics we have heard on Twitch.TV is that 32 million people viewed League of Legends Season 3 World Finals and the majority watched it on Twitch, big numbers for the streaming service.

Vanity posted the original article claiming their sources have revealed information on the deal. They expect an official announcement to be made within the week.

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