14% of Android Devices Now Run KitKat

Android KitKat

What operating system your device runs is a a key reason for upgrading it and shelling out for a new device because there are limitations on older handsets that means that they either can’t run the latest operating system well on account of their technical specs or are just simply unable to update it. Thankfully some phone manufacturers have systems in place, such as HTC, who have now made it so that any phone they release will receive software updates for at least two years (minimum) post-release. It’s also a good thing then that despite Android Jelly Bean being released in 2012, Android KitKat has made its way to handsets in 2014, which is only just within that 2 year timeframe. But what of the people whose devices can handle the deliciously named goodness of the latest Android OS? While not all Android users have yet to make the chocolatey-branded jump, plenty have certainly made the move.

That factoid comes from Google’s recently released usage statistics. Back in May, which was less than a week ago, Google’s competitor, Apple, was quick to point out that just under 9 percent of Android users were running Android KitKat and while that’s nothing to be sniffed at given that there are several other iterations of Android still out there on the market (Froyo, Ice Cream Sandwich and Gingerbread to name just a few) the fact that it was a figure to be poked fun at was concerning. However, Google’s brand new report says that as of June, 13.6% of Android users are running KitKat, which puts the latest operating system in at third behind Android Gingerbread (released in 2010) with 14.9% and Android Jelly Bean (released in 2012) with 58.4%.

It would be easy to continue to question why KitKat hasn’t caught up even quicker but we must keep in mind that the flag bearers for operating systems are usually the flagship handsets and given that the recently released HTC One (M8) and the Samsung Galaxy S5 are currently the two biggest cases for that you can understand why the still full price phones have yet to make the OS catch on. However, it does suggest great things that in just a few short weeks, Android KitKat support has increased by almost half and if support like that continues right through to the holiday handset rush, there’s little reason as to why it couldn’t be KitKat taking the lion’s share over Jelly Bean by the end of the year.

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