Adobe Releases Photoshop for Windows Phone

Adobe Photoshop Windows Phone

Windows Phones can’t really catch a break, can they? As the mobile extension of Microsoft’s long reaching PC arm, you’d expect that given how much preference software developers give to Windows PCs over Apple’s Mac OS (although they are a fair few devs who have the resources to accommodate both) that they’d provide the same courtesy to Windows Phones. However, that hasn’t been the case so far, largely on account of what little mobile share Windows Phones have (3.9%) in comparison to Android (a 60% majority) and Apple’s iOS (20%) which makes it more lucrative for developers to bring their wares to Microsoft’s competitors first. One company that has to worry significantly less about that is Adobe, who are now bringing Adobe Photoshop to Windows Phone devices.

The decision comes after Adobe Photoshop for mobile had a stint on Android and iOS, so this isn’t quite the ‘Windows Phone is finally getting the same treatment’ story that Windows supporters would hope, but given that the mobile Windows-running devices on the market have long been considered as the professional option to Android’s well rounded offering and the iPads games on a bigger screen strategy, it will no doubt be a welcome addition and PC and WIndows Phone using will be glad then that they can take their photo editing with them on the go.

In accordance to the Adobe Photoshop mobile features on the other operating systems, Windows Phones users will gain access to the photo-editing software’s best bits, including cropping, straightening, rotating and flipping. Thankfully for the Instagram addicts amongst us, Adobe even give you a range of filters and looks (the latter of which are available to purchase) to rival those of the popular social photography app. Minus the aforementioned ‘looks’, the app is completely free and it’s available on Windows Phones now.

Source: Nokia Conversations