Apple preparing to launch iWatch in October


Apple released a lot of information at their WWDC event, but hardware was absent from the event. There have been hints and pointers towards Apple launching a ton of hardware in the next half of the year and one of the most hyped devices is the iWatch.

A new report from Nikkei, an Asian tech blog that has been right about previous hardware, details most of the design of the iWatch, along with the release date and amount of units Apple is looking to ship in the opening year.

As we expected, Apple will be adding a curved OLED display to the iWatch. This will most likely be a rounded display, similar to Motorola’s Moto 360. Apple is working on different charging solutions to make the iWatch continue running for more than one day.

The battery life situation is interesting, there have been various rumors saying Apple will be adding movement charging and wireless charging. Not sure how the movement charging works, we expect it has something to do with force, although this seems far off.

Apple will be porting iOS8 onto the iWatch, the new iOS8 code hints at more device sizes for developers to work with, meaning we could see two new iPhone sizes and a new iWatch size. We wonder if Apple will make this part of the iOS8 ecosystem or create a new SDK specifically for wearables, similar to Android Wear.

The release date is still being questioned, but sources in Taiwan have confirmed that October should be when Apple gets the iWatch into stores. This conflicts earlier rumors detailing a September release, but an October release seems more likely considering the two iPhone 6 devices, which will be launched in September.

Apple is planning to ship between three to five million units in the opening year and will triple that number if the iWatch sells out in stores. This still feels like a niche product, similar to the Apple TV, but that “niche product” is now making Apple over $1 billion in revenue.