Apple to add more than 10 sensors into iWatch, will come in multiple size options


The iPhone 6 has been leaked constantly, but we have yet to actually see a photo of the iWatch, just a bunch of reports and rumors. It looks like we have another report, this time from The Wall Street Journal, claiming the iWatch will come in multiple sizes with dozens of sensors.

The multiple size options is an interesting rumor, in the past few years Apple has been more adoptive of multiple sizes, the iPad Mini and two different sizes for the iPhone 6 show a change of heart at the company. The report says the iWatch will come in 2.5, 1.6 and 1.3-inch screen sizes.

We are not sure if these different options will have any replacements on the specs or design, perhaps the smaller iWatch will be made of plastic and colorful like the iPhone 5C, but that seems a little far off. We have heard the iWatch will be aluminium, glass and steel, no plastic included.

Apple might be adding more than 10 sensors to the iWatch as well, to beef up the health and fitness app, Health. The report says these will go beyond the normal smartphone sensors and will provide more detailed health analysis for users, alongside other contextual information.

It is interesting that Apple has such a large focus on health and fitness for the iWatch, whereas with the Android Wear devices its all about contextual information and Google Now, making it a more social and location based device. Perhaps Apple doesn’t feel too confident with Siri and their own contextual information services.

Apple will manufacture 10 to 15 million iWatch units for 2014 and will follow that up with more if they beat sales estimates. The iWatch is a big push in the wearables market and Apple wants to own the market, like they did when they announced the iPhone and iPad.

Source: WSJ