Cinemas in the UK say No to Google Glass

google glass

Google Glass recently made its way to the UK; just don’t plan on wearing it to the theater any time soon. UK cinemas are saying “no thanks” to the headset over fears that pirates will record movies in the theaters.

Piracy is nothing new, but Google Glass is. The headset can record anything you look at, and has received quite a bit of bad press over the past year due to privacy concerns. Folks in the United States have dealt with “Glassholes” for a few years now, but it’s a new phenomenon for those in the UK and abroad.

While Google Glass is used for much more than just recording your surroundings, video is one of its primary features. As you can imagine, there are certain places people aren’t going to want to be filmed, especially when they don’t know someone is taping them. Bars and other settings aren’t the ideal place to wear Glass, and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that wearing a recording device into a theater isn’t going to go over well.

Cinemas in the UK are getting out in front of things, and the Vue cinema chain is going to ask guest to remove Glass as soon as the light start to dim. Other theaters will simply ask that they aren’t worn inside a theater regardless of whether the film has started or not. Cinemas have issues guidelines on what to keep an eye out for in regards to pirates, and while it’s possible to record a flick with Glass, the battery is going to be limiting factor as most films run longer than 45 minutes.

Theater chains are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to privacy concerns with Glass as only a small fraction of techies actually have one compared to tablets or pricey gadgets. It’s not a device you’re going to see everywhere at the moment, but that may change if the price drops and it gets a global launch.


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