Crowdsource the Weather with BloomSky


Crowdfunding is a popular way to go these days, but what happens when crowfunding meets a project that uses crowdsourcing as part of its shtick? You get BloomSky, a smart weather cam for your backyard.

BloomSky is an interesting Kickstarter project as it allows you to keep tabs on the weather and share it with the world. Each BloomSky module has a camera and an array of sensors that can measure the rain, barometric pressure, temperature, humidity and UV exposure. The ultra-wide angle camera lets you adjust the shooting angle up to 45-degrees, and it can even shut itself off at dusk, and on again at dawn.99

The BloomSky keeps track of the weather in real-time and lets you share it on a crowdsourced network with other BloomSky users. Its wireless, so it’s going to be easy to setup and its water & dust resistant so placing it almost placement should never be an issue outdoors. It will also  let you know when the battery gets low by sending a quick notification to your smartphone.

There are several different pledge levels available in BloomSky’s KickStarter campaign, and $99 bucks is the cheapest you’ll be able to pick up an outdoor module. If you want the full BloomSky experience, the best deal is the $199 package which includes the outdoor module, indoor module and a solar panel.  bloomsky-2

BloomSky is halfway to their goal of $75,000, but they can still use your help to bring the crowdsourced weather device to the masses. If you’d like to find out more about the project or pick up a module set, you can check out BloomSky’s official KickStarter page.


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