E3 2014 EA conference: Dragon Age Inquisition, Sims 4, Battlefield Hardline


EA always had a lot of content to deliver to the fans, considering they run so many studios including five annual franchises from EA Sports alone, it is no surprise the company had plenty of content to deliver to the fans at E3 2014.

Dragon Age: Inquisition was the first game to be announced, the title has been on the minds of Dragon Age fans for a while now and EA put together an impressive trailer, followed by the first gameplay footage, involving four players with different abilities trying to defeat a High Dragon and showing off a new tactical camera. Dragon Age: Inquisition will be available on September 7.

The next Mass Effect game was hinted at and BioWare are preparing a more open world game in different planets with different characters and enemies. Another BioWare studio is working on a new IP with impressive day-and-night cycle, but nothing was revealed in terms of dates or story.

Sims 4 got a few screams from the fans, bringing new ways to interact with your Sims and manage families. The game brings the same stupidity and fun all of the Sims games have offered, but the world is bigger and offers more customisation and variety.

EA Sports kicked off their announcements, UFC, NFL 15 got two quick announcements showing some of the new features for fans. PGA Tour 15 was shown off and has new fantasy areas, where golfers can play in the middle of a war zone. Madden 15 comes with new defence tactics, allowing players to get more interesting variety when it comes to tackling and defending.

DawnGate, the new MOBA being developed by one of EA’s studios, was shown off. This is already in beta and has a few champions, trying to tackle the issue of “meta” by making different design changes to allow champions more roles in the game.

Mirror’s Edge, potentially the biggest announcement at the event, was shown off for the first time since the very small trailer last year. The development team talked about changing Faith, the main character and the reason the Runners have decided to jump outside of the world and fight authority.

EA Sports forgot to announce their biggest title and got back up on stage to reveal FIFA 2015. The game has new physics allowing real tackling, including dirty tactics like shirt pulling and pushing. The crowd and field are alive and slide tackles will leave a mark on the pitch, bit sad we didn’t get to see a lot of new gameplay or game modes.

Battlefield: Hardline brings a new game mode to the successful first person shooter, cops and robbers. Set in an ever changing map, two teams will fight it out, both with different mechanics like tazers on police and rocket launchers on the robbers. Different game modes will be implemented on Hardline for cops and robbers.

The gameplay showed a destructive city where the robbers need to escape the cops, but every time the robbers think they are in the clear another batch of cops are around the corner waiting. At the end, a Sony executive got on stage to show how to download Hardline beta and that ended the conference.