Google announces Android L, unified platform for all devices


Google has announced Android L, the next version of Android and a move to unify all types of electronic devices under one common design goal. The Android L update wasn’t feature heavy, but brought a new design and seamless integration between Android devices.

The event kicked off with Matias Duarte, Director of User Experience at Google, revealing the new Material Design for Android L. Material Design is the combination of skeuomorphism and vivid animations, coming together in a fluid and responsive way.

Material Design comes with a whole new set of APIs for animations, allowing users to add rich animations to their application. Google wants the same design standard to work throughout Android, on the TV, inside the car, on the wearable and even on Chromebooks and the Web.

Notifications and Recents have been redesigned – notifications now work on the lock screen and Google has added awareness to the platform, allowing it to pick which notifications are more important and place them on the top. Recents has a new fluid UI similar to Apple’s tabs in Safari, this interface includes tabs from other devices.

Android L includes new features for enterprise, offering a new BYOD interface to separate work from home, while keeping them on the same device. Google Drive for Work can now edit Word files without changing the format and new pricing has been unveiled, unlimited storage for $10 per person, per month.

The whole interface is a huge makeover but underneath there is a new move by Google, to bring the same interface to ever type of device on the planet. Material Design works on anything from wearables to computers and Google wants developers to adopt this style.

After WWDC everyone talked about how Google needs to step it up, they have done that and more at this conference, announcing a fundamental goal for the future of Android and the future of electronic devices, something Apple is behind on.