Is Google About to Announce Android 5.0?

Android 4.4 KitKat

Android is a very good example of what an operating system should be like. Open source and available for lots of tinkering about, Android has let plenty of spin-off iterations offering us beefed up security or fancier backgrounds than the base model of the OS could never provide. Too, it’s also quite open in what it lets us do, with its allowance of file transfers and downloaded material one of the main reasons why people choose it over its closest rival, Apple’s iOS. But despite Android 4.4 KitKat being the best version of Android yet, it’s still not perfect (for example, the UI still isn’t as smooth and as easy to use as it could be) and Google are already said to be gearing up to releasing Android 5.0.

The suggestion comes after Google sent out a seemingly inconspicuous tweet that set off alarm bells of those who have followed the search engine giant’s mobile OS in the past. The tweet, which was about the availability of Google Now on the Google Play and App storefronts (on Android and iOS respectively) and how the app’s features could help you keep up with World Cup scores offered up far more than just a helpful stat-tracking solution. In the image of the app screenshot which Google included in the tweet, you’ll notice that the clock reads as “5:00”, harmless, right?

google tweet hints at android 5

Well, if you look at their other app listings on the Google Play Store, the times are all presented in screenshots to coincide with which version of Android they were last updated for – Google Search and Google Chrome have screenshots with 4:00 and 4:40 respectively in accordance to when they last got a fresh lick of paint.

Is that a bit farfetched? A little, but it was a timestamp that actually saw Android 2.3 Gingerbread announced. Some will also ask why Google are making the jump to Android 5.0 and not Android 4.5, but as one key reason for Android 4.4 updates was security, that may be something that they are looking to patch up in the next, appropriately sweet-tooth titled version of their popular OS. It’s also being said that the reveal will be made at the Google I/O developer conference later this month which is entirely plausible, but we’ll keep you posted on any concrete evidence once we know more.

Via Google on Twitter