Kickstarter Pick of the Week: The Edyn Smart Garden


Gardening is a pastime enjoyed by millions, but it’s not the easiest of hobbies, even if you have two green thumbs. There’s a new gadget on Kickstarter that aims to make gardening a tad bit easier by smartening up your garden.

Edyn is the products name, and gardening is its game. The Edyn is built to analyze what’s going on in the garden as it can monitor the soil quality, light, humidity, and weather conditions. It can provide you with real-time data, and use Wi-Fi to shoot notifications to your smartphone so you’ll know when to act.edyn-1

Being smart isn’t Edyn’s only trick. There is a separate component available that adds an Eden Water Valve to the system which allows it to only water your plants when they need it. Edyn uses a database to cross-reference the info it takes in against the type of plants your growing so there’s no need to wonder what to do if you’re a beginner. It can obviously make things easier for pros as well.

Edyn has already surpassed its Kickstarter goal of $100,000, so this is a project that’s successfully passed its funding hurdle. As with all popular projects, the lower pledge levels are going quickly so you’ll want to act fast even though there are 28 days left on the clock. At this time, $99 will snag you an Edyn while $159 gets you an Edyn along with the Water Valve attachment.


Edyn will work with iOS and Android devices when it’s released which should be in March of next year if all goes according to plan. If you’re interested in finding out more about Edyn or want to show your support just hit the link below.


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