LG G3 mini shows off its Specs in Product Listing


That was insanely fast. Everyone knows that minis are the new trend with smartphones – every flagship has one. You can now add the LG G3 to that growing list as the first LG G3 mini specs have just hit the web.

The LG G3 mini has been spotted in an official listing on the Indian website Zaubu, and it has the model number of LGD722. As for the specs, they aren’t great although LG managed to get the “mini” moniker right as they appear to be putting out device that’s actually quite a bit smaller than their flagship.lg.g3-mini

The LG G3 mini will have a 4.5-inch display of an unknown resolution, 8GB of internal storage, and a quad-core 1.2GHz processor. The only other specs listed show a 2,100mAH battery and 5MP camera. If we had to guess, it’s safe to say you’ll see a microSD, 1-2GB of RAM and a 720p display although it’s possible LG could go with the FHD route.

While the LG G3 mini appears as if it’ll be another mini flagship with mid-range specs, it should run KitKat 4.4 out of the box and have some its big brothers software features. That said, you just shouldn’t expect a 2K display or that laser assisted focus – not going to happen.

Via – GforGames

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