Nokia Hints at “Green” Announcement for June 24th

Nokia Green with Envy

Nokia have been having a successful run as of late, with the company’s recent sale of its hardware and devices arm to Microsoft (which saw them bag a few billion dollars) propping them up to do what Nokia have secretly done best for quite a while. Yes, upon that sale, it was revealed that the Finnish company would be taking more of a journey into research and development territory, particularly in terms of mapping software which would perhaps be a wise decision given that it was their inability to do well in the smartphone market that left them in a bit of monetary bother in the first place. That being said, while they didn’t make as much a wave as say, Apple or Samsung, their Windows Mobile and Android phones alike were well-liked by the public. Another foray into the world of smartphones could be on the cards again it seems as Nokia have hinted at an announcement on June 24th.

The biggest clue as to what that the June 24th announcement and its “Green with envy” tagline could entail actually lies in Nokia’s past. Previously, when they announced their Android-powered Nokia X line, they turned their Facebook page green for the day to make a big statement. Credence is lent to that theory when you consider the fact that it has been Nokia’s budget offerings that have done the best out of all of what they’ve put forward and Android is also popular amongst budget-focused consumers. Not only that but the Nokia Lumia 635 has been expected for quite some time now, expected to run Android and offer 4G connectivity all for a budget price, so maybe that’s the not-so-pricey ace that the company has up their sleeves.

On the other hand, Nokia also touted a typical ‘no comment’ when the suggestion was posed to them and it’s also important to note that although no company is watertight and leaks are prone at every point in the run up to a phone’s announcement, there have been few rumours surrounding the device which suggests that maybe there isn’t anything to leak (or announce) just yet. That being said, whatever Nokia are gearing up towards is garnering some interest so we’ll keep you posted on it once their big reveal is, of course, revealed.

Via TechRadar.