Pebble Partners With Misfit To Introduce Fitness Tracking

Pebble Partners With Misfit To Introduce Fitness Tracking

Pebble, the smartwatch phenomenon, have partnered with Misfit to include their personal fitness tracking App Shine as a service on the watch.

Shine, an elegant fitness and sleep monitor, have essentially replaced their own hardware device with the Pebble  bringing Misfit’s activity tracking, via their App to all Pebble users.

I backed Pebble on Kickstarter way back in April 2012 and its an excellent smartwatch, blending simple design with sophisticated notifications. As the Pebble App store was created, the functionality has been enhanced, but until now fitness tracking was one obvious feature that was missing.

The Misfit app for Pebble is now available in the Pebble App-store, and once installed it integrates with the Misfit iOS app letting you set activity goals and monitor your progress.

Its not clear yet if the Pebble App needs to be running constantly on the watch for activity to be tracked, or if you can ‘background’ it while you use other Apps, or control music playback, and it will continue to track.

Sonny Vu, founder and CEO of Misfit said:

We’re delighted to provide our fitness tracking technology to Pebble; we want to see this capability offered to as many users as possible.

I’ll be trying this out in the coming days and will report back on how informative the data is, and how well the Pebble works as an activity tracker.

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