PlayStation TV coming to North America for $99 this Fall

E3 2014 is well under way, and Sony and Microsoft have already had their big pressers. Both companies showed their latest and greatest, but the one device that caught our eye was Sony’s PlayStation TV.

Before you click away from this article, the PlayStation TV is not another 3D Television set from Sony. It is a streaming box of sorts, and you can bet the bank it’s going to be a hot seller as it can do something other streaming media boxes can’t – play PlayStation games. You’ll probably be able to use a few apps like Netflix with it, but gaming is definitely the main draw.14201101067_ab89f34744

The PlayStation TV will serve many functions, but its main bag is to let you play PSP, PS Vita, PS One Classics sans an actual PlayStation console. You’ll also be able to ‘stream’ some Ps3 games through the PlayStation Now service when it launches later this year. Did we mention you can stream your Ps4 titles from your console to the PS TV in a different room? Nifty would be putting it mildly.

Sony didn’t give a firm release date for the PlayStation TV, but it will be released this fall to consumers in the United States and Canada. $99 will land you a PSTV box, but $139 will get you the box, an HDMI cable, a Dual-Shock 3 controller, 8GB memory card and a voucher for Lego: The Video Game Movie.

Update – Sony EU has announced the PlayStation TV will be available in the UK and PAL regions sometime later this year.

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