Sainsbury’s and Google Team Up To Launch ‘Food Rescue’, Help You Save Money

Sainsbury's Food Rescue

Suspicious looking furry green specks upon foods that have definitely gone past their best before date be gone! No longer will all of your leftover bits of grub go in the bin or become a slightly whiffy breeding ground of penicillin as after the startling statistic that UK households waste as much as £60 a month on all of the food and drink that we have to throw out, search engine giant Google and UK retailer Sainsbury’s are now teaming up to launch ‘Food Rescue’.

Rather than veering all logic off course and into the bin with your wasted food by simply teaching you how to store your food better (e.g ‘put that leftover chicken in the freezer and not in the fridge, you nimrod!’) Sainsbury’s are actually using their foodie know how to recommend delicious recipes based on what you’ve already got. Where Google comes into this is that they will providing the technological backbone by letting Sainsbury’s use their voice recognition technology (it’s the same one that they use in their own search engine, so using it should be fairly simple) in their Food Rescue mobile app and website.

For an overview of how Food Rescue works, it’s as easy as typing in what you’ve got and going through Sainsbury’s range of recipes which you can use as a starting point for the banquet of your dreams, or, y’know, a good slap up meal that will satisfy your hunger. Another nifty bit about Food Rescue is a leaderboard which Sainsbury’s say will come into play the more people use the service – Sainsbury’s will record the weight of how much food you’ve ‘rescued’ and tell you how much money you’ve saved before putting it onto a leaderboard that will tell you how good a food ‘rescuer’ you are. I doubt that you’ll be able to put your Food Rescue ranking on a CV but it’ll be nice to know how thrifty you are regardless.

We’ll keep you posted once we know more.

Via Sainsbury’s.

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