Specs leaked for HTC Volantis, the last Nexus tablet


The HTC Volantis means two things, Google is still making Nexus tablets and HTC is back in the tablet business, following the underwhelming launch of the HTC Flyer in 2011, forcing the Taiwanese company to drop out of the Android tablet market.

Crowned as the last Nexus tablet, the HTC Volantis looks to bring the highest-end specs in the market alongside a sleek new design, to hopefully end the Nexus range off in style. Internally, Volantis will sport a Tegra K1 CPU, 2GB of RAM and 16GB or 32GB of internal storage.


This will be one of the first devices running on the Tegra K1 processor, expected to be a big boost on the graphical horsepower end. It looks like Google will not change the RAM on the HTC Volantis, despite other manufacturers adding 3GB of RAM to their smartphones.

Design looks like a cross between the Nexus 5 and iPad Mini in early leaks. The slim profile and minimalistic look reminds us of the iPad Mini, but the black front with white back reminds us of the white Nexus 5.

Prices will reportedly start at $399 for 16GB and $499 for 32GB, alongside higher-end options with LTE capabilities. The HTC Volantis certainly has the internals to make it a high-end tablet, capable of rivalling the Samsung Galaxy Note or Kindle Fire HDX.

The HTC Volantis will be announced at Google I/O, according to most reports. Google normally keeps the event strictly developer, but they did announce the Google Play Edition Galaxy S4 last year. There might be some features for tablets on the new version of Android, allowing Google to plug the Volantis.

We are excited to see a larger Nexus tablet, the Nexus 10 did a lot of things right, but just never quite hit the mainstream. It might be the end of the Nexus line, but if the tablet looks anything like the renders we’re interested.