TCL Announces Three New 4K TVs for Under $900


TCL dropped some jaws last year when they introduced a 4K TV that didn’t break the bank at under a grand. Today they’ve replicated that feat by producing three new 4K TV sets, and all of them are under $1,000 bucks.

TCL has unveiled their new range of TV sets, and one of their “Premium” models along with two of their entry level sets are under a grand. First up, you’ve got the 55-inch 4K TV with the model number 55UH9500. It’s in the premium range, and features a dual-core chip, quad-core graphics processor, dual-band wireless, and super-slim bezels. It also has an integrated H.265 decoder, a 120Hz refresh rate, 3 HDMI ports, and a couple of USB ports.

The two 4K TV’s in the entry level range are the 40-inch (40UE5700) and 49-inch (49UE5700) sets which come with 4 HDMI ports and a 120Hz refresh rate. They sets lack the H.265 decoder of the premium line, and are geared towards bringing 4K in from external sources. If money’s not an object, you can always opt for the 85-inch 4K set with its 240GHz refresh rate. It’ll only set you back $8,000.

The prices of 4K TV sets are starting to fall, and TCL’s new sets prove that cheaper 4K is on the way. The 40-inch model will go for $499 while the 49-inch entry model comes in at $599. The premium 55-inch set with the decoder gives you the best bang for your buck at $799. The 4K TV sets will hit the shelves in Q4 of this year, and you can bet the bank they’ll go quickly this holiday season.

Via – Cnet

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