The AirDog Drone Can Follow You Around Like A Flying Puppy


Puppies don’t fly, but they do follow you around – just like a new drone that’s turned up on Kickstarter. Are you prepared for a world full of AirDog’s?

The AirDog popped up on Kickstarter a few days ago, and it’s the brainchild of the folks at Helico Aerospace Industries. In a nutshell, the AirDog is a foldable drone that can track its owner thanks to something called an AirLeash you can place on your wrist or helmet.airleash

This comes in handy for extreme sports enthusiasts as you can attach your GoPro camera to the AirDog and have it rack your moves from afar. The drone will stay airborne for around 20 minutes on a full charge, and has six different pre-programmed flight modes like Hover and Aim and Follow Track.

The AirDog has blown past it’s $200,000 goal in just a few short days, and there are still 35 days left on the clock. There are three different pledge levels still available although the ‘early birds’ have already sold out. As you’d expect, the AirDog isn’t cheap (it’s a drone after all), so you’ll need to shell out $1,195 for the Pilot package, and there are ‘master’ and ‘buddy’ packages available as well.airdog

This obviously isn’t going to be a Kickstarter for everyone, but one can definitely see how the AirDog would be useful in several different areas. Pretty intimidating to have your own personal drone follow you around as well. If you want to see the AirDog in action or show your support, just hit the link below.

AirDog on Kickstarter

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