The Moment Smartwatch heads to Kickstarter on June 24

moments smartwatch

Smartwatches have been in the news a lot in 2014, and we don’t expect that to change anytime soon as new companies jump on the wearables bandwagon. One of the latest is from the minds at Momentum Labs, and it’s known as the Moment smartwatch.

If you’ve envisioned a smartwatch that looks nothing like a watch, the Moments smartwatch is just the thing for you. It’s more of a smartband than a watch, and it has some very interesting features to boot. The device has an electrophorectic display that wraps all the way around the band and allows for a full QWERTY keyboard. That is something you definitely won’t find on any other smartwatch.


The Moment smartwatch will also have something called “Snapware” which will be hardware modules designed to work with the band and your smart home. Details are light, but one would assume there would be some sort of NFC module that can be connected to different appliances along with the Moment smartwatch. Did we mention the E-paper message board or predefined messages? It has those, and it’s also said to be able to go 30 days on a single charge under normal usage.moments.smartwatch-1

The Moment smartwatch is just a concept at this time, but it’s a concept that’s headed to Kickstarter on June 24. You’ll want to keep the concept part in mind along with the fact that 80% of the R&D has been completed on the device – the rest will wrap up once production starts… if the project is successfully funded.moments

As mentioned, details are extremely vague on the Moment smartwatch at this time, but that should change next week when the project heads to Kickstarter. To say the concept is interesting would be an understatement, and we’ll be watching to see if the folks at Momentum Labs can back up some of their bold claims. Here’s hoping they can. You can find out more about the Moment Smartwatch in the video below or at their official site.

Moment Smartwatch

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