The Smash Smartband puts a Tennis Coach on your Wrist

smashed smartband

We’ve seen wearable tech start to appear in some unusual places, and a new Kickstarter gadget is set to bring a little tech to the tennis court. It’s the Smash Smartband, and it’s like having a little tennis coach attached to your wrist.

The Smash Smartband is built for tennis, so you there’s no need to worry about the display being too large or running out of storage You also don’t have to worry about being interrupted by calls, texts or social media – it’s all about tennis and it shows in bands design. It may look sleek, but the smartband has loads of features when combined with the companion app.

When you’re on the court, the Smash Smart Band can do a number of things, including counting the types of strokes you take and providing stats on your overall game.  When synced with the application, it can count volleys, forehands, backhands, and serves while providing you tips on how to improve your game based on your session. It keeps track of things over time, and keeps you on the court with goals and practice paths.

As with most tech these days, the Smash Smartband has some social media features. There’s mention of high scores and world rankings with some achievements thrown in for good measure. The app will also give you the ability to share your results with your buddies or issue a challenge. Did we mention it can even keep tabs on the consistency of your impact point and racket head speed?smash

The Smash Smartband has a few weeks left in its Kickstarter campaign, and you can pick one up for the low price of $129AUD while the Early Bird pledge levels last. If successfully funded, the first units are expected to ship out in February of 2015. The band will be available in three different sizes, and the minds behind it plan on opening up the API to developers, so you may see functionality with other sports down the road.

You can find out more information about the Smash Smartband at their official site or at the Smash Kickstarter page.

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