Apple Adds ‘Best New Game Updates’ Section to App Store to Make It Easier to Find Great Games

App Store Update

The popularity of the games on the Apple App Store has been so high that it has launched a gaming revolution. People who have never touched games are now regular casual gamers, spurred on by addictive titles like Candy Crush which have earned their makers billions of dollars meanwhile independent developers like Flappy Bird’s Dong Nguyen have managed to earn $50,000 a day despite building games all by their lonesome. The balance between indies and larger companies with marketing power always goes in the latter’s favour however and is only likely to stay there as gaming companies like Nintendo look to bring some of their games and licenses to iOS in an effort to capitalise on mobile gaming’s popularity. So how can Apple make it easier for great indie games and fantastic bigger titles alike to get the same sort of visbility? The first step towards that is the ‘Best New Games Updates’ feature which Apple have now brought to the App Store.

Now, under the new feature, any game that has been recently updated gets a fair chance at being included in the section. Officially licensed titled such as table pinball game Marvel Pinball and Disney movie tie-in Maleficient Free Fall have both been included, as has hugely popular game Plants vs Zombies 2 which received a round of new enemy types in its update. Meanwhile updates to Salt & Pepper: A Physics Game saw it featured in the section meaning that iOS gamers have the chance to find something a bit different than the time management and match three games that many of us are used to.

As if it wasn’t helpful on its own, the Best New Games Updates tab is useful for a myriad of reasons. The first is that you can find out about games that the existing ‘Indie Game Showcase’ and ‘App of the Week’ tabs glossed over but it’s also a good indication of which games are worth your time. A game released in 2010 may be brilliant in itself but sometimes you want to get your hands on a game that is constantly being updated with new content and the tab helps you identify games like that quickly. Apple rarely do anything without thinking it through a lot, however and so all of the benefits might not be apparent just yet, in any case you can find the tab on the App Store now, so open up the store to see it.

Source: MacRumors