Batman Arkham Origins swoops onto Google Play

batman arkham origins

Each week brings a slew of new games to Google Play, and this week was no different. There were some outstanding games this week, but our favorite involves a superhero that’s celebrating his 75th birthday this year. Batman Arkham Origins is the name of the game, and your free time will never be the same.

As is the case with a lot of games these days, Batman Arkham Origins was released last year on iOS and a few days back it found its way onto the Play Store. It’s a swipe-based fighting game in the vein of Injustice: Gods Among Us and Arkham City Lockdown, so if you’ve played either of those, you’ll have no problem getting down to business with

There’s a bit of a storyline to follow in Batman Arkham Origins, but it’s really all about the suits… let’s not kid ourselves. The game offers up around a dozen unlockable bat suits, and as you’d expect, some will only be available with premium currency. There’s plenty of swag, and some will carry over into the console version through cross-platform promotion.

Batman Arkham Origins is free to play, but it does have the trappings of any other freemium title. You’ll have to deal with an energy gauge, but it’s actually not too bad and can be refilled with 1 premium coin – you start with 10. That said, it’s one of the best looking games you’ll find on a mobile and it’s hard to beat free.

Batman Arkham Origins

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