Bumper Load of Sony Xperia 3 Info Revealed in New Leaked Photos

Sony Xperia 3 leaked shots

‘’Unofficial social media accounts: friend, foe or unlikely source of juicy information? I hope that’s what the journalists use as their headlines when they’re debating this leak tomorrow, but not me! Oh no, I’ll be too busy lusting over the wonder and excitement of the Sony Xperia 3’s purposed specs, with Sony’s next flagship handset showing off its wares like they’re flayed, sliced and presented on a delectable Yo! Smartphone conveyor belt of goodies. The specs come from a Weibo user’s account, hence that overwrought analogy you read previously, though they’re backed up with screenshots and the like which you can read about below.

The first thing that these leaked shots say is that the Sony Xperia 3 will run on Android 4.4 – Android L is still in developer mode so we wouldn’t expect anything more or less and we may as well get that over the way now. More interestingly though, the Sony Xperia 3 looks set to run on the 2.5GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 MSM8974PRO-AC processor, which, while speedy it does resign Sony’s new smartphone to a life of slower data speeds (the Snapdragon 805 allows for 300Mb per second) which is hardly a way for the phone to flex its muscles…But alas it might not need to! It could win out on price alone if Sony whips its chariots down the path of ‘budget premium’, a phrase I have just totally made up and coined. I pluck this phrase from the clouds (more like, from the fluff amongst the sofa cushions) because it’s a genuine stance that Sony could take as the Samsung Galaxy S5’s successor and the LG G3 Prime are going to throw out affordability in favour of sheer, raw and uninhibited (by costs, anyway) power.

That stance, is further verified along with the leaked photos’ validity (because I know we’re all fact obsessed enthusiasts inside) as they show the Sony Xperia 3 to have a 20.7MP Exmor RS camera which is exactly what the Xperia 1 and 2 before it included and sticking with the aging but still high quality bit of tech will keep photo sheen up but prices down. Meanwhile, the shots match another leak from June and the images also show the Sony Xperia 3 bearing the “L55t” model number to match the Xperia Z2’s “L50t” hallmark. That’s about as close as we’ve got to a confirmation right now, so what do you make of it smartphone fact fans?

Source: Xperia Blog