Charge your Gadgets with the Sun and the Solarpod Pyxis

solarpod pyxis

Smartphones and tablets are wonderful gadgets, but only until the battery runs dry and renders them a brick. If you’re looking for a device that can keep you charged up, while it charges itself, the Solarpod Pyxis may be just the thing for you.

There are many solar phone chargers out there, but the Solarpod Pyxis manages to set itself apart from the pack with a couple of unique features. The Pyxis has not one, but two USB outputs (1 & 2Amps) to go along with a Micro USB port. They’ve thrown in 32GB of memory for good measure, and because that may not be enough for media freaks, there’s a handy microSD slot that lets you kick it up a notch. It can also charge while discharging so you should never run out of juice in the daytime.solarpod.pyxis

As for the charger itself, the Solarpod Pyxis has a 5000mAh rechargeable battery hooked up to three monocrystaline solar panels. The battery pack can go zero to 100% in around 4 ½ hours as long as it’s in direct sunlight. It’s all brought together in a slick package, and while we don’t have the measurements, it doesn’t look to be much bigger than a large smartphone.solarpod

Solarpod Pyxis is up and running on Kickstarter, and they are about halfway to hitting their funding goal of $38,000. The lowest backing tier for the Solarpod is $88, but there are several different levels available. Black and White are the two colors at the moment, but other options are on the table including a shiny Blue Sun Blue.

If you use your mobile a lot during the day or are a gadget aficionado, the Solarpod Pyxis seems like a good way to go if you never want to run out of juice. You can find out more about the project or show it some funding love at the link below.

Solarpod Pyxis

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