Could The Next Nokia Lumia Handset Feature Canon’s Camera Tech?

Canon Digital Camera

The current generation is camera obsessed. Young people (who are often the target demographic for the newly released gadgets of today) are using cameras in bigger, better and bolder ways than before from; the selfies that they plaster around the Internet, to the photos of their lunch that they post on Twitter to the Instagram accounts that post beautifully framed and filtered shots boasting that they were taken on an iPhone only, despite their impressive quality. It’s the attempt to gain a hold of those young people’s dollars that helps to fuel electronics makers’ decisions with the recent marketing of the HTC One (M8) proving that, as adverts made its 4 Ultrapixel camera the focus, showing that it’s great and important during the exciting moments of your life (such as a concert) despite being a marginal upgrade to what every other handset is offering. That’s also what likely fuelled Microsoft’s recent decision to partner with Canon, hinting at what the next Nokia Lumia could offer.

The deal between Microsoft and Canon was in itself enough to get tongues wagging but it was the actual wording of its announcement that really put the rumour mill on high alert. In the statement released, Microsoft and Canon explain that not only would it give them access to each other’s patent portfolios (meaning that they can riff off of one another’s tech and inventions without breaking the law), that exploration of patent catalogues even extends to “certain digital imaging and mobile consumer products.” Canon likely has less of a reason for ‘mobile consumer products’ patents than Microsoft, hence the suggestion that the Nokia Lumia (which is being focused on in a big way on account of Microsoft buying the mobile wing from Nokia) will include Canon’s camera tech.

The idea is also supported by the suggestion of what next-gen handsets will bring to the market. Apple’s iPhone 6 is said to be big on fitness (thanks to iOS8), Samsung is going to boost processor speed and screen quality, whilst HTC is going to try and best whatever everyone else is doing and that leaves room for the next Nokia Lumia to swoop in with its fancy camera specs and capture a far bigger market than the rather small existing one that it has, making Microsoft’s brand new deal very beneficial indeed.

Source: Photography Blog