Galaxy Alpha: 4.7-inch metallic device, coming in August


Samsung is not happy with the current state of the Galaxy S line, while sales are still strong on the Galaxy S5, rumors of changes in management and South Korean customers deciding to pick up the LG G3 over the Galaxy S5 cannot be good for business.

The Galaxy Alpha could be the solution to Samsung’s problems, moving to a new size and new design. The new smartphone, which looks to be a branch from the flagship product, will apparently be coming to consumers next month.

Changing the size of the Galaxy Alpha to 4.7-inch might differentiate it from the Galaxy S5, but it is not a huge difference. It does match-up with the apparent size of the iPhone 6 though, meaning this could be a more competitive choice.

The fully metal design would be a first from Samsung, but we have heard rumors for over a year on the subject. It is only a matter of time before Samsung finally releases a fully metal smartphone and the Galaxy Alpha seems well suited.

Internally, it looks like the Galaxy Alpha will be another high-end device to add to the list. The Exynos octa-core processor will run the device, alongside 2GB of RAM, 32GB of internal storage and a 2K display, potentially.

We are still uncertain about this rumor, Samsung’s metal phone has always been on the brink of being announced, only to be replaced by some plastic device. It would also be questionable if Samsung added another high-end smartphone line to their portfolio.

Still, this is Samsung, so anything is possible – especially if the South Korean giant feels like Apple might get the upper hand this year, especially with the smartphone market slowing down.