LG announces triple mobile sales year-on-year in quarterly report


LG has announced their second quarter report to investors, instead of the bad news coming in the last three quarters, LG has actually announced a profit, almost triple the amount year-on-year.

Around 14.5 million smartphones were shipped in Q2, most coming from the LG G3 and other mid-range devices. This is great news for the Mobile Division, who have been overshadowed by Apple, Samsung and even HTC.

Samsung’s numbers still outclass their South Korean rivals, but it looks like more people want to try out the LG G3. A report out of South Korea claims the LG G3 is three times more popular than the Galaxy S5.

This is very worrisome for Samsung, who want to keep their home country support. To appease fans, Samsung recently launched the Galaxy S5 LTE-A and will apparently launch the Galaxy Alpha, a smaller metallic device.

The LG G3 does offer a lot of nice features, the design and UI have both been upgraded from last year’s G2 and the internal specifications match the best on the market right now.

LG’s marketing team has been working on the LG G3 as well, pushing the smartphone heavily in stores and online. This sort of promotion is what made Samsung so popular when Apple was the dominant force.

We expect things to calm down in the third quarter, unless LG announce another high-end device. Normally, the LG G Pro comes early Q1, but this year we might see it in Q4 2014, with the earlier launch of the LG G3.

Source: LG

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