LG G3 s priced at €349 in Germany

LG G3 s

The LG G3 mini goes on sale today in South Korea, and it’s European counterpart, the LG G3 s, is soon to follow suit. Pricing has been up in the air, but today we learned how much the LG G3 s would courtesy of LG Germany.lg.g3-s

The LG G3 s will set you back €349 according to LG Germany who announced the pricing today on their website. It’s not quite as cheap as we thought it would be considering it’s a mid-range handset, but it’s a bit larger than your average mini. It also brings a few features over from the flagship LG G3.

The Laser Auto Focus of the LG G3 is alive and kicking on the LG G3 s, and it will go nicely with 8MP rear camera. The front-facing camera is your average 1.3MP snapper, but the “mini” makes up for that by having the slimmest bezels of any mid-range handset. The bezels surround a 5-inch 720p display, and a Snapdragon 400, 1GB of RAM and 8GB of storage, and 2,540mAh battery round things out.

The LG G3 s is one of the better looking budget smartphones out there, but the price is a little steep when you compare it to similar handsets in its range with the same specs. The LG G3s will be on sale later today in South Korea, and should hit Germany and other European countries sometime in August.

Via – Phonearena  Source: LG Germany

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