Microsoft’s Cortana service now offers Foursquare results


Microsoft is looking to make Cortana even more useful when it comes to location and navigation. In partnership with Foursquare, Cortana will now offer results on restaurants, places in the area and utilises Foursquare’s location data.

This is one of Microsoft’s first moves to implement third party data on Cortana, the virtual assistant for Windows Phone 8.1. Microsoft announced Cortana earlier this year, the third mobile OS to run a virtual assistant.

Microsoft has already implemented Bing! Search results, alongside other Microsoft cloud services. Cortana has more added functionality when it comes to answering questions and offering results, similar to Siri, rather than Google Now.

Foursquare would be top of the list of partners for Microsoft, considering the partial $15 million investment Microsoft used earlier this year. This makes it more than just a neutral partnership, although we doubt Foursquare would have said no.

Location is one of the main features used on voice recognition services, especially on Google Now, which implements different location cards for nearby restaurants and places of interest. Mobile payments and flights could be possible features for Cortana in the future.

Cortana is still only available in a limited amount of countries, but Microsoft will be shipping it out to the UK and China with the addition of Foursquare. Stats have not been released on user interest with Cortana.

Microsoft appears to be fully invested in Cortana, although Windows Phone is fledging. In recent interviews and financial quarter reports, CEO Satya Nadella appears to want Windows Phone in the low-end only.

This could be problematic, since low-end users are reportedly less likely to use voice recognition services. India, China and other Asian countries don’t have very good integration with voice recognition, unlike Europe and North America, which show better results.

Source: Reddit