Neptune Pine Receives FCC Certification – Shipping Now

neptune pine smartwatch

Neptune Pine, the smartwatch that’s a fully functional phone, has had a long drawn out saga going through FCC testing to receive certification, with repeated deadlines slipping as they awaited confirmation of approval.

Friday however, they were able to announce they had finally received FCC certification and that they would begin shipping the Pine’s early July.

We were thrilled to officially be granted FCC certification for the Pine on July 1st (Canada Day!). Approval became a very unexpected hurdle, so congrats and thanks to Simon and Aaron for the many hours spent getting us past it.

The Neptune Pine is not a watch linked to a smartphone, but a fully functioning Android smartphone shrunk down to a 2.4″ display capable of being mounted on a watch strap.

I backed this on Kickstarter in November last year, so am really pleased to see the process finally come to fruition and the Pine shipping and on its way to me soon!

Issues with waterproofing the Pine, a Kickstarter stretch goal, are still being worked on, so for now backers can choose to receive their Pine now, without water resistance, or wait a further estimated 5 to 6 weeks while this is finalised.

I have of course opted to just have the Pine now, the wait has been long enough, and I never was really bothered about water resistance as I do’t intend running in the rain or swimming with my Pine.

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