Nvidia Shield Tablet launching on July 29


Nvidia is no stranger to gaming, and they gained some Android fans last year by releasing the Nvidia Shield handheld. Last week, a huge leak appeared showing off a new Nvidia Shield tablet, and you won’t have to wait long to pick one up as its set for a release on July 29.

The Nvidia Shield tablet is the slate that’s going to be hard to top when it comes to performance as it’s powered by the speedy Tegra K1 Kepler setup and has 2GB of RAM to work with. It’s faster than any tablet you’ve used, and it’s built for gaming. As for the screen, you’re looking at an 8-inch FHD display with a resolution of 1920×1200.nvidia.shield-tablet

Speed is great, but the Nvidia Shield tablet has some killer features to boot. You’ll get 5MP cameras on the front and back, and you can get artistic thanks to the DirectStylus 2. You also have the advantage of using the new Shield wireless controller, and you can hook up to four of them up at once. The slate can truly do a little bit of everything from gaming to streaming, and it’s safe to say you’re getting a lot of bang for your buck.

The Shield tablet is already up for preorder, and the 16GB Wi-Fi model will sell for $299 and the 32GB LTE version goes for $399. The wireless controllers are $59, and there’s a cover that doubles as a kickstand for $39.

Is the Nvidia Shield Tablet the Android gaming device for you or will you hold off for the first Android TV boxes?


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