Proporta iPad Mini Swivel Case Review

Proporta iPad Mini Swivel Case Review - Featured

I’ve used my Apple iPad Mini since it came out, and its become an invaluable device for me. It’s smaller size makes it something I always take with me in my bag, and often even just carry it to meetings etc, so a case for it is crucial.

Until now I’ve always just had a simple ‘flip style’ case, which protected it, but was always a pain when trying to prop it open. Then I got sent a review sample of the Proporta iPad Mini Swivel Case and fell in love with it!

Proporta iPad Mini Swivel Case Review - Open In Portrait

The case is black, has a faux-leather exterior and soft padded interior and gives a very professional impression, looking completely at home in any meeting.

Inside the iPad Mini snaps into its plastic case, which holds it extremely safely, I had no fear it was going to fall out. This tray rotates through a full 360° allowing you to have the iPad Mini in whichever direction you please. Needless to say, the case has cut-outs for all the buttons and ports on the Mini for ease of use.

Closed the case is solid, and to make sure it doesn’t fall open accidentally, it has an elasticated band you can flip over to keep it closed when you put it in your bag or case.

Proporta iPad Mini Swivel Case Review - Closed

You can use the case as a simple “open and shut” affair, or with the small recessed groove on the inside of the front panel, you can prop the iPad up in either landscape or portrait mode for easier document or media viewing. It’s great for presentations, or when you want to unwind, watching a video or streaming television content.

Proporta iPad Mini Swivel Case Review - Landscape Propped Up

The case also has smart cover technology, meaning it can wake and snooze the iPad simply by opening and closing the case. Note this only works in one orientation though, with the home button on the right in landscape, or at the bottom in portrait. I thought it had stopped working for a while until I realised the iPad was in the opposite position!

Overall this is a fantastic case, it has great flexibility making it perfect for just about any scenario, and most importantly offers excellent protection for a flip style cover.

The Swivel Case is amazing value at only £14.95 and if you want a professional looking case that also doubles as an excellent display stand, I’ve yet to find a better alternative. Of course, being a Proporta product, it also comes with their lifetime warranty, meaning once registered if you have any problems with it, Proporta will exchange it for another one.

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