Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Could Have a Retina Scanner, Official Tweet Suggests

Samsung Exynos Retina Scanner

“What do we want? A retina scanner! When do we want it? Now!” – said nobody ever, probably, but bless Samsung for trying. The South Korean electronics maker has been trying to push eyeball related gimmicks like flowers into the faces of mild hayfever sufferers since the Samsung Galaxy S4 and although the eye-popping feature (ha! do you see what I did there?) didn’t really stick, the fact that it was new and exciting and made us feel like superhumans with built-in cornea control so we kept our sneezes at a minimum and just got on with it. For the life of us though, we can’t escape Samsung’s darned obsession with our eyes so now in an upgrade from ‘eyeball scanning features that dim the lights depending on your view’ and ‘fingerprint security you can only use if your mitts are cleaner than a perfecitonist’s tabletop’ they look set to bring retina scanning to the Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

Don’t just take my word for it though as they may as the following tweet is the 140 character equivalent of painting a skyscraper neon as a Bat-Signal of ‘eye retinas; here, now and in the future!’ blinks erratically in the background. “Security can be improved using features unique to us. That’s what we envision. What would you use? #ExynosTomorrow” was what they said, with the above photo attached to the tweet to really spell it out for us. All irises point to retina scanning then while the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 relation is less of a stab in the dark and more of an educated guess as the larger handset looks set to be the next flagship in Samsung’s line-up and therefore the soonest thing to be announced ‘tomorrow’ along with this Exynos retina scanning whotsit.

What also brings the Note 4 to the top of the conversation is that all rumours point to this being located expensive-town, population: your wallet and a retina scanner would certainly be cause for ratcheting up the handset’s cost to justify an inflated price. The tweet is still up too which means that this isn’t a fluke or a case of a wayward PR manager jumping the gun either so we’ll just have to see how soon Exynos Tomorrow dawns on us to find out more.

Source: Samsung Exynos Twitter