Samsung Galaxy Note 4 UV Sensor Will Protect You From Sunburn, Gross Tanlines

Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Well here’s one for the ‘possibly useful feature’ column – Samsung are reportedly working on a built-in sensor for upcoming flagship phablet (phone + tablet) Samsung Galaxy Note 4 that will tell you when to get your suntanning self inside and into cover. Lest gross, blotchy sunburn nnd uneven tanlines are your thing, in which case you do you I guess? In any case, the South Korean electronics maker wants to make that your choice as the sensor will help you protect yourself from the Sun’s devil rays by providing readings of 0 to 11+ with 0-2, 3-5, 5-7, 8-10, 11+ meaning low, moderate, high, very high and extreme risk of skin damage respectively. So, useful then?

Well, not really. Should the rumoured sensor actually make it onto the Galaxy Note 4 (I suppose this is the bit where I mention that the Note 4 hasn’t even been confirmed yet, right?) sources also say that Samsung plans to shunt it into the S Health app meaning that unless you know it’s there and the readings are signposted, definitions and all, your poor skin is going to be exposed to the sun without realising that Samsung had your (possibly slightly peely) back all along!

This seems…Listen, it’s wonderful that Samsung are (rumoured to be) considering such a sensor but it seems questionable at best that they’re going to hide the thing away when it could be anywhere from kinda, sorta to very levels of useful to the Summer loving audience that Samsung has always marketed its phones towards. That being said I fully expect them to stick this on the back of the box as a valuable feature with article headlines that read ‘the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 can save your life’ paired up with it. That’s all sorts of levels of concerning and I don’t need to tell you that because you’ve probably figured it out for yourself; but let’s all hold hands in the name of optimism on this one and hope that Samsung will ditch the problematic aspects of this sensor ahead of the Note 4’s (also rumoured) release date of September.

Source: Sammobile