The Daymak Beast E-Bike launches its Kickstarter Campaign

daymak beast kickstarter

Back in May we covered an electric skateboard, and now we’re back with another unlikely electric vehicle called the Daymak Beast. It’s part bike, part scooter, and 100% solar powered.

There are several types of electric scooters out there, and even a few that will function off-road. They are not the Daymak Beast. The Beast doesn’t look like your typical electric scooter – you certainly won’t get laughed at riding this baby around. You won’t have to have a special license either as the pedals make it street legal in most parts of the world.daymak

One of the things that makes the Daymak Beast unique is the fact that it can charge itself up while you ride. The battery charges at around 0.6miles/hr as long as you’ve got daylight. Depending on how long you ride, you shouldn’t have to sweat a charger and the battery pack has ports that allow you to run or charge a couple of small devices if needed.daymak.beast-2

Daymak have been building bikes since 2001, and they have three different version of the Beast available through their Kickstarter campaign. The standard Beast can go up to 15.6 mph and has a range of around 15 miles while the Deluxe Beast is upgraded and can go 21 miles at around 20mph. Want the best Beast? The Beast Ultimate has inverted adjustable shocks and alloy frame, 110v port and an extended range of 27.96 miles.specs

The Kickstarter for the Daymak Beast has just gotten underway and thus far they’ve managed to raise around $18,000CAD of their planned $99,000CAD goal. There are some cool stretch goals, and in case you’re wondering, the cheapest you’ll be able to get a Beast is $1079CAD which comes out to around $999 in US greenbacks.

You can find out more about Daymak at their official site or show your support for the Daymak Beast on Kickstarter at the link below.

Daymak Beast Kickstarter

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