The E-Vent makes your Air Vents Smarter


Whether you want to liven up your lighting or free your Frigidaire, there are many ways to smarten up your home with tech. The E-Vent is a new gadget that has just made its way to Kickstarter, and it brings the smart home concept to the last area of your home you’d think of – the air vent.

The E-Vent can help to regulate the airflow in individual rooms of your home through a microprocessor, some sensors, and the power of technology. The vent works with a smartphone app which allows you to set things up however you’d like while the microprocessor handles the rest by opening and closing the E-Vent to coincide with your settings.appe-vent appe-vent.appevent-app

A thermal sensor ensures you won’t have to reprogram your E-Vent when the seasons change, and if you decide to alter the settings, you simply need to fire up the app. There’s even a built-in LED that will keep you in the loop on your E-Vent’s status with a quick glance. That’s one of the things we liked about this project – it’s simple, and you don’t have to constantly tinker with settings as you can set it up and walk away.


The E-Vent is made of out ABS, and it comes in two different colors with Taupe and White. There are three different sizes available as well, so they should fit almost any standard vent. They also won’t break the bank as you can pick up not one, but two E-Vent’s (with batteries) for only $38 bucks which makes it one of the cheapest ways to try out connected tech in your home.e-vente-vent.sizee-vent.size

There are 36 days left in E-Vent’s Kickstarter campaign, and the folks at Circle Design Technology are looking for $58,000 to bring the smart vents to the masses. You’re not going to have to wait long to get them either as the first vents are set to roll out in November of this year if successfully funded.

If you’ve been looking for a way to try out a “smart” gadget in your home, and don’t want to spend a fortune, the E-Vent looks to be a good way to go. If you’re interested in learning more about the project or want to show your support, head on over to E-Vent’s Kickstarter page.

E-Vent on Kickstarter

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